Here at the Poodle Farm, we are committed to the idea of performance and versatility. All canine sports are welcome here, and are supported by a full range of equipment and service, whether outdoors or inside our heated training building.


We are focussed on providing high quality goods for a variety of canine sport, health and wellness needs. Locally manufactured equipment for agility and obedience, fitness and exercise gear for canine conditioning. All backed by our top-notch experience and training. Have a look around, let us know what we can do for you.

Products & Services

Please take some time to browse through the catalogues for a selection of purpose-built items for a variety of purposes. Competition quality for Clubs and competitors, plus all the little things you might need to create and maintain performance at a high level.

agility weave poles

We give you the individual attention that you don't get from the big online retailers. We build to order, and are happy to custom-tailor to meet your needs.

The News

Check out the latest news, products, observations and happenings at The Poodle Farm.

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This is THE place to look for all the goings-on at The Poodle farm. Upcoming trials and past results, new products, our brags and maybe even bloopers. We try to gather the latest information together in one place, where you can get current news. You might even find some poetry!

Our new consolidated Events Calendar is up and running. A place for everything, and everything in one place.

About Us

What would a Poodle Farm be without a handful of Poodles. All our Poodles are perfomance dogs, either in-development, active or retired from a multitude of dog sports.

Channelling success

Agility, obedience, freestyle, retrieving, scent detection - you name it, someone has done it. Yes, we even have conformation Champions! See how to find us the social networks, or on a map with instructions that you can print out!