Wee-Vee Slanted Pole set

wee-vee weave poles

24” weaves for training with 6 poles that tilt from vertical

  • Welded steel Z base with stake holes, 2 ½” wide
  • 24” pole spacing, 48” overall base length
  • Exterior enamel finish with anti-skid texture

Weave production for 2022 has wound up, and with the arrival of the cold temperatures we will resume in Spring 2023. Prices will be set based on market prices for materials when we get going again. If you would like to be placed on the wait list, please fill out the form and submit. We will contact you when production is set to resume.

Catalogue № AWP-6124-BV
no poles, base only
Use your own standard poles

Price: $ TBA

Catalogue № AWP-6124-PV
with plain poles

Price: $ TBA

Also available in sets of 12, with three 4 pole bases that are super-convenient.

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Wee-Vee Weaves