A new tool for shaping and training the entry and exit line in agility. Equally suitable for jumps and contact equipment, it may even help with weave entry. An excellent Obedience broad jump training tool. It is new, we are still working on all the possible uses.

Single Loop-eeZ
» clear, impact resistant plastic tube
» 24" tall
» 10" nominal diameter

Cat. № TLZ-P124-R
priced individually

Price: $ 36.00

Cat. № TLZ-P124-2R
nesting pair price

Price: $ 70.00

Beyond the basics.
Nested sets of basic tubes up to a maximum of Five (5) can be provided which saves considerably on postage and storage space.

Cat. № TLZ-P124-3R
each extra nested tube

Price: $ 34.00

And oversize tubes for special needs. Sold in nested pairs only, above the nominal 10" to a maximum of about 15". Please let us know what size you would like.

Cat. № TLZ-P224-2R
nested pair tubes
up to 15" diameter

Price: $ 95.00

I want this!

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