Flat Contacts Trainer

flat Teeter Training

Teeter Starter
Train for the teeter.
» 12" wide plywood boards
» reversible for 12" x 36" & 42" contact zone
» configures to 12" x 12' teeter
» up and down contact zones
» set of 4' are easy to setup and store

Catalogue № TFC-W231-T

Price: $ 88.00

Flat A-frameWe have also manufactured a "magic" set of boards which can be configured and arranged for contact training as a teeter, rearranged as a dogwalk with both 36" and 42" contacts AND re-arranged again to simulate a flat 2' wide A-frame with 42" contacts! All with just eight boards that are no longer than 5', so they are very easy to store and set-up. Built on a custom basis, price will be based on market prices.

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