Peanut Holders

Compact PVC Peanut Holder

peanut holder

  • Adjustable to fit many different peanuts
  • PVC pipe construction
  • 8" high legs for small to medium peanuts
  • Capped ends for safety

Catalogue № CPH-P828-S
Standard version

Price: $ 49.00

Modular PVC Peanut Holder

peanut holder

  • Modular system adjusts to fit single or multiple different peanuts
  • PVC and tubular steel construction
  • Basic single peanut holders adjust for different sizes
  • Choice of leg heights for medium and large peanuts
  • Capped ends for safety

Cat. № CPH-PH41-B10
for 40-60cm peanut
32" base, 10" leg height

Price: $ 79.00

Cat. № CPH-PH41-B12
for 60cm & larger peanut
39" base, 12" leg height

Price: $ 82.00

Build your own.

peanut holderCustom configurations are available for multiple peanut configurations up to 120" in length, mix and match peanut sizes on the same assembly. You can alter and adjust the configuration to build mounds or have gaps to bridge. Please contact us for assistance in selecting the size and quantity of components to meet your needs.

Cat. № CPH-PH42-S
88" tubes, 12" & 12" legs
Double large gap combo

Price: $ 165.00

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