24" Agility Weaves : 3x4 pole bases

24" weave poles

"The Convenience Weaves"

Our competition-grade 12 pole weave set with shorter 4-pole bases.
» "long-tail" and "no-tail" bases self-space
» 60cm (24") CKC/AAC spacing
» holes for ground anchors when used outdoors

Available as "bases-only" or with plain or striped poles.

These are made with the same size & quality materials as our 2x6 pole sets, but with bases that are more convenient to store and handle for Home-School Training. And they are easier to fit in a mini-van too.

  • Three welded steel Z bases with anchor holes, ¼” thick x 2 ½” wide base
  • One (1) ‘No-tailed’ 4 pole base for stand-alone use
  • Two (2) ‘Long-tailed’ 4 pole bases self-spaces when arranged in-line
  • Exterior enamel finish with anti-skid texture treatment on top surface

Production for 2022 has wound up, and with the arrival of the cold temperatures we will resume in Spring 2023. Prices will be set based on market prices for materials when we get going again. If you would like to be placed on the wait list, please fill out the form and submit. We will contact you when production is set to resume.

Catalogue № AWP-4324-B
Bases only,
Use your own poles

Price: $ TBA

Catalogue № AWP-4324-P
Capped poles,
no stripe

Price: $ TBA

Barber-pole paint stripe available as a custom option in a colour of your choice. Please ask for pricing.

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Weaves - 4 pole bases