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Our Spring projects are wrapping up.

2022 agility field rework

The rework to the agility field is pretty much complete, the regrading in the corner is done and the new fencing and gates are in place. Provisions have been made to upgrade the lighting later this year too. If you have tall fenceposts, why not leave them tall enough for floodlights. Debby's office is in place and all hooked up, with hardscaping to replace all the orange cones.

the flag of the Ukraine

"The more Russians that come our way, the more fertile our soil grows." - unknown

Coming Attractions

The CKC has approved the BDKOC events in September. Rally-Obedience Saturday 10th and Obedience Sunday 11th. Watch for the Premium List and Official Entry form later in July.

CARO Rally events will resume after the July 2022 revisions to the signs and to the Master General Handbook are fully implemented and in general circulation. The CARO Executive have put a lot of time and effort into making a very comprehensive and thorough revision rather than a piecemeal patch, and it might mean that some time for familiarization will be advised.

We have other competitive events pending approval by the governing bodies, and the CKC is permitting the advertising of events for which applcation has been made but are Pending CKC Approval. So check out our calendar for tentative CKC events, and pencil them in your own calendar. Our new consolidated Events Calendar is up and running. A place for everything, and everything in one place.
… 2022 Events Calendar …

The Classifieds

As I was building channel weaves and 2x2s I was wondering what would happen if they were cross-bred. Here's what i came up with.

Channel 4

I think Channel 4s seems like a decent name. Unlike our 2x2s, these can actually ship by Canada Post! They will be priced in line with the normal 2x2s, except you have to buy them in sets. One base doesn't help at all, and you'll have to give me a chance to make an expansion pack if you want to train with 4 and 6 poles. Click for more details on Channel Weaves.

We still have cavaletti, exercise ladders, "Loop-eez", peanut holders - most all the little things are available and fit in a box that Canada Post will accept to get you in shape going forward. More Details ...

Health & Lifestyle

I finally found the time to do some research, and replace our 15 year old fridge. It wasn't quick, but it had to be done now. We had a 18 cu ft Woods all-refrigerator, and a need to keep that much refrigerated space and not split it with a freezer section. Most of the appliance stores carry the same brands, the same models. Reading a LOT of 1 star negative reviews on expensive ($2000+) National Brand models was concerning. Woods doesn't exist anymore, other historical brands aren't the appliance companies they used to be.

I happened to be in a big box building supply to get some things and walked through the appliance section just to see things with my own eyes. Spotted a Midea 17 cu ft upright freezer that can convert to refrigerator mode with the touch of a button. Simple, clean, white, garage-rated (we don't have central A/C) and a decent price point. Midea isn't a historical North American brand, but we have had good experience with their other household appliances. Soooo .. ordered online the next day after making sure it would fit, and it arrived on a truck the day following. Fingers crossed.


The CARO Spring Virtual Trials are over and the Judging is all done. Congratulations to everyone who did compete and earn Q's and Titles. I understand it was a very well subscribed trial, and seemed to go very smoothly. I'm sure we all look forward to the next virtual trial coming in the fall, after we have had a few in-person events.

The March "Working Class Special" went very well. The weather threatened, but did not develop into the all-day snowsquall that was feared. Quite a few commented on their preference for the "new" running order with small groups doing all their runs and exercises. Makes the day go much faster if there is a large field of Working entrants. Thanks to our Judges Sarah Hughes and Debby who also doubled as Stewards so that we could run with the fewest extra personnel.

Results ~ March Working Class

I still haven't gotten to take any nice pictures. We also aren't yet doing lunch. And the Secretary (ed. - yours truly) is still limiting his attendance at the table while it is indoors. Thanks to everyone who came to compete and to our Judge Sarah and the volunteers who spend their time before, during and after the trials to help.


Poodle Poetry & Pynky

Black & Blue

Poodle Poetry

Some poodles are black,
some poodles are blue.
happy poodles stick,
like you're covered in glue.

Pynky & the Brain

Pynky & The Brain

Are you pondering what I'm pondering Pynky?

I think so Brain, but wouldn't dazed be the opposite of knighted?



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