News, fresh off the Farm

Under Construction ::: Soon anyways. We have a building permit to make some alterations to the Training Barn. Doors, windows, and nice cover over the entrances. Of course there will have to be new lighting, and some new landscaping elements. Construction should be starting shortly, and will likely take a month or more due to scheduling of trades, inspections and such. In the meantime, be aware that we might have some temporary entrances and restricted areas.

I have come to the realization that Windows 10 is too big a step from Windows XP to suit our current computational needs. Too complex, too dependent on the 'cloud', too hungry for limited mobile data, too new to work well with our old stuff. Just not quite the right IT for country living on the fringe of the grid. I have had some donations lately, a tower Compaq and an Acer laptop both with Windows 7 and big internal hard drives.

Coming Attractions

CKC Scent Detection Trials approved for Sunday, 03 May with Judge Jane Book for the poodle Club of Canada. The Official Premium will be released in the first week of March. We have all our applications in for CKC events later in 2020. The Brantford & District Kennel and Obedience Club has also applied for events at The Poodle Farm, in addition to dates for the Poodle Club of Canada.

May 09 & 10 CARO dates are approved, this will be the CARO AGM coming to The Poodle Farm for just the second time ever. There is usually a Judge Clinic for anyone interested in becoming a Judge, as well as members meetings where the Club deals with their annual business. See the CARO Schedule of Events for details as they become available.

Our next CARO Trial will be Sunday March 08. Neil Slack will be (again) returning. Entry is closed as the trial is full. The Premium List (.pdf format) is still available.


Christmas comes but once a year. So I get to practice my decorating skills making beautiful Poodle Farm Gift Certificates suitable for sharing.

Gift certificate

Available in a denomination or for a product or service of your choosing. Each one is personalized and sent as a hi-res digital file that you print out - great for last minute shopping!

Health & Lifestyle

Why does McDonalds call its new plant-based protein burger the McP.L.T. ? Do they not consider lettuce and tomato to be plant-based? I have always wondered about the tomato, the slices they use don't actually taste very much like the tomato I pick from the field when they are in season. Plant-based "chicken" is coming next, which makes sense for chicken fingers and boneless chicken wings because those are manufactured chicken anyways. Of course in 10 years this will all be manufactured, frozen and shipped here from developing countries while their own people continue to starve as all the imported foods are converted into exported burgers.

According to the schedule, Roxane is here on 18 February. The full schedule for 2020 is updated and available for your viewing. More info. Dixie will be here as well for the next while doing canine massage, and tries to be on the same schedule as Roxane.

Michaela has resumed heeling classes on Wednesday afternoon, and there are some openings early in the day. Contact us for booking appointments into the new year.


The January CARO Rally Trial is done, kicking off the 2020 season.

Versatile & Excellent

We tried limiting the entry to 100 runs, and didn't go over much. But it was still a long long day. Thanks to our Judge Neil, he liked it so much he is coming back in March. Results and reporting. For highlights from past events and the coming dates Check out our CARO calendar.


Poodle Poetry & Pynky

Black & Blue

Poodle Poetry

Some poodles are blue,
some poodles are black,
construction in front,
won't set us far back.

Pynky & the Brain

Pynky & The Brain

Are you pondering what I'm pondering Pynky?

I think so Brain, but "Do Not Touch" in Braille seems a little like locking the crate after the poodle has flown.