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15 Sept - Puppy / Level 1 Class start
21 Sept - CARO Trial » Premium
26 Oct - CARO Trial » Premium
7-9 Nov - CKC Obedience & Rally Trials

Classes & Workshops

» Foundation & Obedience classes
» Try Freestyle or Rally-FrEe
» New Scent Detection Class

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P2 takes a jump with style
Here at the Poodle Farm, we are committed to the idea of performance and versatility. We offer a flexible facility that is as comfortable for 1 or 2 people doing private lessons as it is for 10 or 20 (or more) competing in a trial. All canine sports are welcome here, and are supported by a full range of equipment and service, whether outdoors or inside our heated training building.

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World Team Banner

P2 and Debby are back from competing at the 2014 IFCS Worlds. Thank you to all who helped with our fundraising. Please remember to visit our fundraising page and support all those who sponsored our efforts.

CKC Team canada banner

Debby will be taking both P2 and Kallysta to the FCI Agility World Championships in September. Watch for upcoming fundraising activities.

- Agility Equipment -
- Obedience & Rally-O Jumps -

In addition to the facility, we also manufacture and sell dogsport equipment here at the Poodle Farm. This includes agility equipment meeting AAC, CKC, AKC and USDAA standards. Novice dogs & puppies should check out our full range of Training and Conditioning Equipment to get them started.

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└ ► Agility Jumps of all kinds
└ ► Agility Weaves with 24" pole spacing
└ ► Agility Contact Equipment such as teeter, pause table, dogwalk or A-frame
└ ► Obedience Jumps
└ ► or Rally-O Jumps & Weaves

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Mowgli on the new teeter

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Check out "What's New" for the latest news, products, observations and happenings at The Poodle Farm.

» A new Teeter for Rubberizing
» August CARO results and pictures
» "Where's the Beef?"
» On-line catalogue pricing update
» an assortment of humor, anecdotes, and rants

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