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20 Apr - CARO Trial » Premium
01 Jun - CARO Trial

Classes & Workshops

» Foundation & Obedience classes
» Try Freestyle or Rally-FrEe
» New Scent Detection Class

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P2 takes a jump with style
Here at the Poodle Farm, we are committed to the idea of performance and versatility. We offer a flexible facility that is as comfortable for 1 or 2 people doing private lessons as it is for 10 or 20 (or more) competing in a trial. All canine sports are welcome here, and are supported by a full range of equipment and service, whether outdoors or inside our heated training building.

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- Agility Equipment -
- Obedience & Rally-O Jumps -

In addition to the facility, we also manufacture and sell dogsport equipment here at the Poodle Farm. This includes agility equipment meeting AAC, CKC, AKC and USDAA standards. Novice dogs & puppies should check out our full range of Training and Conditioning Equipment to get them started.

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└ ► Agility Jumps of all kinds
└ ► Agility Weaves with 24" pole spacing
└ ► Agility Contact Equipment such as teeter, pause table, dogwalk or A-frame
└ ► Obedience Jumps
└ ► or Rally-O Jumps & Weaves

2014 AAC IFCS banner

P2 & Debby to represent Canada at 2014 IFCS Worlds

Please visit the Fundraising page where you can participate in upcoming activities that support Debby & the Team. Thank you.

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Agility viaduct jump

What's new@thepoodlefarm.com

Check out "What's New" for the latest news, products, observations and happenings at The Poodle Farm.

» See a Viaduct Jump we made
» Kallysta makes CKC Agility Team Canada
» March CARO Trial comments & photos
» an assortment of humor, anecdotes, and rants

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